Welcome to the first “blog” from the Herts for Learning Primary English and maths teams. We say “blog”, it is more of a calling card for future blogs.   Still we wanted to announce our special celebration: today marks something of birth and a marriage.

How does that even work?

Well, it’s a birth in that we are now joining the exciting, somewhat bustling world of edu-blogs. We’ve been sharing our newsletters for a while now and they’ve been very well received.  Nonetheless, we have been chomping at the bit to share ideas, practical resources, thoughts and theory in more easily-digestible chunks.  So the birth of our new blog  – we hope it enjoys a long and happy life.

And a marriage? How does that metaphor earn its keep? Well rather than wave at one another across a curricular canyon, we thought we might snuggle up and create a space for the best of primary maths and English in one handy location.  Who knows?  We may even intermingle in the space of a single blog when the topic is right.

We really hope that over time we are able to offer you a range of writing that fires you up, clears the clouds away or simply saves you a bit of planning time.

Watch this space…our first blogs will be along soon.