As I type, it is hotter than a rehearsal hall hosting a two-form KS2 summer production.  Trust me – that’s hot.  Sometimes lacking in freshness too. This – however – is box-fresh.  Our English newsletter autumn 2016 (2).  We hope you are continuing to enjoy your well-earned summer break, but thought some of you might appreciate a preview of this before we publish it on our main website  in September.

This issue covers a range of topics – we have poetry, grammar, spelling.  We also have an article on shared writing : we’ve been writing some very exciting training for this so thought we’d pave the way.  There has also been lots of talk of great picture books this summer on twitter – you might be interested to read an article that takes a look at this vibrant form.   Finally, we have some reviews of some wonderful books.  Warning:  may include a reference to a Christmas book.  Yes it is early, but this really is a timeless classic and it would be wonderful if it had an even bigger audience.

Enjoy now or save for later.  Happy holidays. Happy reading.