The new term and new school year has seen the release of the latest version of the Primary
Computing Scheme. Now in its fifth version, the scheme was first computing scheme logo design v1introduced in 2011 and has developed over time to stay in line with changes to the national curriculum and the Herts for Learning approach to assessment.

Version 5 introduces for the first time an online area where additional supporting resources can be accessed and downloaded. We’ve been creating guides to go alongside each learning theme, a variety of software tutorials, useful links, even video guides to take you step-by-step through some programming activities using Logo and the Scratch Junior iPad app. So it is definitely the biggest version of the scheme so far, and we’ll continue to add new resources to the online area throughout the year.

computing scheme front cover v3The Primary Computing Scheme provides a creative approach to delivering the computing curriculum and offers full coverage of the computer science, information technology and digital literacy requirements. It also allows for flexibility, enabling schools to use the computing resources they have available as opposed to structuring the learning objectives around specific software and hardware, which schools may not necessarily have. A large number of schools in Hertfordshire and beyond follow this scheme and we look forward to more schools coming on board throughout this year.

If you would like more information about the Primary Computing Scheme, please visit this page on the Hertfordshire Grid for Learning:

Chris Carter
Computing and eDevelopments Adviser