We are a busy team of practitioners proud to work for Herts for Learning. Herts for Learning Ltd is the UK’s largest Schools’ Company, with 521 shareholder schools. We provide an ethical and informed approach to school support, within Hertfordshire and, due to an increasing recognition of our work, increasingly beyond our borders.

Our primary English and mathematics teams consist of leading subject specialists with an in depth understanding of the current educational landscape. We are regularly asked to present at national and regional conferences such as NATE (National Association for Teachers of English) and the National Dyscalculia and Maths Learning Difficulties Conference. We have contributed to a range of national publications on education. We also enjoy the privilege of hosting our own conferences.  We attract high calibre and of the minute speakers such as Professor Jo Boaler, Mini Grey, James Clements and Roger McGough to name but a few.

Our specialist language advisers cover all key stages and a broad range of languages and can advise on ideas and best practice for the classroom. Our unique packages for primary languages support include the Primary Languages Quality Mark (PLQM) and Progression and Assessment for KS2.

Our assessment team provides expert training and advice in all aspects of assessment, both formative and summative. They have worked with nationally renowned assessment experts, including Shirley Clarke, James Nottingham and Chris Watkins, to develop excellence in formative assessment, developing growth mindsets and effective learning cultures in schools. The assessment blog brings you important updates, ideas and suggestions in the world of school assessment.

Our computing adviser brings you the latest updates in the innovative and creative use of IT across the curriculum.

We love our work with teachers and children and the passion for our respective subjects leads us down an increasingly innovative and research led path. So we’re happy to have fellow enthusiasts join us and see what’s under the stones we turn, the roads we travel and share amongst the friends we meet on the way.