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The Key to Successful Shared Writing: Perfectly Pitched Models

Penny Slater is Deputy Lead Adviser for primary English at Herts for Learning.

Shared writing scaffolds the writing task, and when done well, leads a child towards becoming a more reflective, confident and skilled writer. When done very well, we engender more engaged writers who feel empowered and inspired to put pen to paper.

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Writing at Greater Depth (1) : A model of formality

Penny Slater is Deputy Lead Adviser for Primary English at Herts for Learning

There are many moments in my working day when I stop and consider how lucky I am to be working amongst such committed, enthusiastic and inspirational people. When I was classroom-based, this inspirational often stemmed from the children whom I taught. Now, as an advisor, I find that I am inspired on a daily basis by the creativity of the teachers whom I have the joy of supporting.

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HfL Primary English newsletter Spring 2017

Here we are again.   A new term.  A new year.  We hope that you have had a lovely Christmas break and that the new term has begun as smoothly as possible for you all.   With this in mind, we thought we’d share our latest-hfl-primary-english-newsletter-spring-2017as swiftly as possible, especially as it is such a short half term.

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Take One Book: Ready for action with Traction Man

Penny Slater is Deputy Lead Adviser on the Primary English team at Herts for Learning.

If you haven’t yet found your passion for children’s literature, then Traction Man is the text that will set you on the road to discovering what all the fuss is about. Put simply, Traction Man is one of those books that prove just how exciting children’s literature can be.

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The Beauty of Simplicity

Penny Slater follows up her earlier blog on the value of simple sentences in Year 6 writing.

Following on from my last blog, where I unpicked the clause structures used by Morgan in his Working at ARE writing portfolio, I felt the urge to spend a little more time lingering on the beauty of the simple (or single-clause – depending on your definition preference) sentence, and how we can secure it in our children’s writing.

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Writing without frontiers: cross-curricular writing

Michelle Nicholson is an English Teaching and Learning adviser at HfL

 Cross-curricular writing: using and applying English skills

How we can use a broad, balanced curriculum to further embed, extend and develop the writing skills of our students.

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Do-be-do-be-do or why the simplest of verbs can be trickiest to explain

Martin Galway is an English  Teaching and Learning Adviser for HfL

It’s not my intention to start this blog off on a controversial note, but I have never really been a fan of Frank Sinatra.  Still, I can’t help thinking of him when I recall the silly reminder relating to verbs that I sometimes gave the children that I taught :  just remember what we use if we forget our lyrics – “do-be-do-be-do” (usually shared to the tune of Strangers in the Night) .   Arguably verbs in a nutshell, but –  as we are all increasingly aware with the shifts towards higher stakes around the retention and application of grammar knowledge – definitions and mnemonics are highly fallible beasts. Continue reading “Do-be-do-be-do or why the simplest of verbs can be trickiest to explain”

Opening Doors to Famous Poetry and Prose – Ideas and resources for accessing literary heritage works.

Opening Doors to Famous Poetry and Prose – Ideas and resources for accessing literary heritage works.

Bob Cox

Crown House Publishing Limited, 2014, £19.99

open Doors

Review by Martin Galway, English  Teaching and Learning Adviser for HfL

Opening Doors …Accessing literary heritage. It shouldn’t prove too difficult to ascertain the intention of this highly practical, richly-resourced book: how to enable our pupils to explore and learn from classic texts that provide a high level of challenge.  In simpler terms, how we might design literature-based lessons with high challenge/low threat and a great deal of interest and intrigue.  Featured poets  include Charlotte Mew, Edward Thomas, and Emily Dickinson.  Authors include Dickens, H.G.Wells, Bram Stoker and Charlotte Bronte. Continue reading “Opening Doors to Famous Poetry and Prose – Ideas and resources for accessing literary heritage works.”

Growing Great Writers Conference 2016

Growing Great Writers HfL conference 22nd September 2016 - NOW TAKING BOOKINGS!

Worked hard to implement the requirements of Curriculum 2014?

Kept abreast of all of the changes that have taken place over the past two turbulent years?

Sounds like you deserve a treat!  So why not join us for an event that holds great writing close to its heart and celebrates it for the treasure that it truly is. Continue reading “Growing Great Writers Conference 2016”

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