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Is mastery just a passing fad?


Nicola Randall, Mathematics Teaching and Learning Adviser at Herts for Learning

Before I even start to tackle this question, I think it is helpful to clarify what we mean by ‘fad’ and the best way I could think of doing this was to consider some examples.

  • Leg warmers worn anywhere other than inside a dance studio: fad
  • No make-up selfies: fad
  • Replacing actual laughing with the word “LOL”: fad
  • Dressing as clowns and scaring people: fad

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How fantastic it must be to be able to speak an additional language!

Theresa Clements is an English Teaching and Learning Adviser at Herts for Learning



‘O’ level French…didn’t take it as an option back in the day, but I wish I had.  I have taught many pupils over the years that have had additional languages and we had at any one point almost fifty different languages spoken in our school.  I currently work with some schools who have a few pupils speaking an additional language, or with pupils with little or no English.  Recently, as part of an Ofsted/Governor interview at my daughter’s school the lead inspector put this question to us:

‘You have a very multicultural school with a variety of languages spoken:

how do you use this to your advantage?’

What an excellent question, I thought! Straight away governors were able to discuss how the school ethos, culture, practices and teaching and learning reflect the diverse population of the school.

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